Getting Started – Play Online Casino

The first thing to do to play online casino, is to be connected to an Internet provider and to let you be guided by a competent Customer service, any day, any time you need assistance. That’s what our portal is in a position to offer, to make your surfing through online casino games on the web, as sweet as possible and as rewarding as possible, thanks also to the key presence of the online casino bonus, which has always a great appeal on players.

1. Choose Download or No-Download

Double choice, double possibility to have fun. Following your personal tastes, you can go “cherries picking”, that is to say you can get the best of the situation, either by downloading or no-downloading your games suites. The Starluck software is at disposal for installation, in case of players choose the Download Deluxe Suite for Windows.start casino bonus

On the contrary, if you choose the instant version on the Play Now option, you will be enjoying the Basic Suite (HTML) or the Web Deluxe Suite (JAVA) for Mac, old systems and WebTV. It goes without saying, that if you choose to use our software, amazing graphics and excellent speed are assured, but no difficulties even with the no-download version of the suites. The two possibilities are interchangeable, and players are free to jump from one to the other with no problems at all, having always in mind that the online casino bonus is standing by.

2. Set up your casino account

In order to exploit, above all, the great chance of online casino bonus, there are some chronological steps to take to start. First of all, it is necessary to have a personal account, which can be set up from the initial page “Play Now”, when you have chosen the suites of games. You will be asked an Account Name with its password and an e-mail address. At this point, you will be in the position to enter a casino and start playing either in the “Play for Free” mode or in the “Play for Real” mode; in the first case, fake money and chips are used just for fun, in the second case you have to be ready to deposit real money through the Cashier option, to get also real winnings.
With regard to the payment, to start playing, it is necessary to select the method, like credit transfer, Western union, Credit cards as Visa or Mastercard or FirePay. In the Payment Options, all terms and conditions, with relevant pros and cons will be at disposal. It will be also necessary to specify the address of any payment transaction, where the bank can send statements and winnings credited.

3. Play!

In the case of questions to be posed regarding online casino bonus, Games, Rules, Payment conditions, or other, there is a special section for the FAQ.
Games are available both in the Play for Free Mode or Play for Real Mode and instructions are provided to know how to play. Time has come to start playing and you will find your perfect suites of games, either through Starluck Download Deluxe or Web Deluxe, as you wish. The more you get into the right mood to play, the more you increase your chances of winning and getting the special online casino bonus, moreover with the certainty that safe connection to the server of our portal is watching over.