About us

It’s not so easy to speak of a specialized portal like Casino-Cash.Net, when you are sincerely keen on it, because the risk is to overestimate it. As a consequence, the best thing I could do to welcome any player, it is to say the truth.
The story of Casino-Cash.Net starts in 1997 and it is supported by a series of basic values which will never be infringed, whatever may happen. First of all, let’s speak of the gamers’ satisfaction. It is on top of our list, therefore, I am always at disposal for any necessity, so as to turn you into one of our estimators, as you can see from the opinions published in our website.
On the basis of the above, integrity is a must for us since 1997, when the portal was created, and the 1.700.000 gamers represent our best success. Financial operations and personal data are carefully protected and our policy is clearly explained in the Terms and Conditions and in the Code of Conduct that any player is invited to examine. At least 160 million different games were played through Casino-Cash.Net portal spread among various casinos and more than $800 Million dealt with, leading to some 97% pay-out. These numbers explain our clients’ affection.

Another word worth of attention is Support. Casino-Cash.Net never disappoints its customers, thanks to a presence 24/7. Enjoying a multi-presence of casinos, Casino-Cash.Net assistance, by phone, e-mail, live chat is always guaranteed, and so is the use of various operating systems from Mac to Windows and of browsers, including AOL, Microsoft Explorer or Netscape.

Last, but not least, Fun. We never undervalue the importance of giving fun to our players, and the range of games that our casinos offer totally comply with the said requirement. Slot machines with progressive jackpots, as well as all the traditional table games like blackjack, poker, roulette or craps are presented with brilliant graphics, themes and sounds. I will always be at your disposal for any feedback you will kindly let me have.

Sincerely yours

Casino-Cash.Net Manager