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A celebrate their birthday Casino 888 is giving an incredible 88 FREE bonus to old and new players. That's not all. 10% CASH BACK CASH plan in place, where they will give 10% of players' losses back to them! If your only playing one or two coins play a SLOT Machine that shows the various combinations and payouts for each coin played. Some machines require as many as 45 coins (a nickel machine in downtown Las Vegas) to win the jackpot. One machine may pay 2000 coins for one coin played, another 5000 coins for the one coin. Another machine to avoid with less tham maximum coins is the five line that pays if you hit three symbols or bars on a straight line, or from corner to corner. If your a one or two coin player look for machines such as the Double Diamonds or Triple Diamonds, Wild Cherries, Cash, Sevens, Five Times, Bananas, Red White & Blue, etc. If your playing one of the progressive machines for a mega jackpot, keep in mind that they do not have as many payouts as the non-progressive machine do. We can not stress this enough -- study the machines payouts carefully before you play it. Connecticut also has "Nickelmania" 3-coin, starts at $100,000; "Wheel of Gold" 3-Quarters, starts at $200,000 and "Pinball Mania" 4-Quarters, starts at $200,000 Always join the slot club if you play the machines. Slot club players receive more perks than table players because they are risking more money per hour. If you bet $3.00 at a table Start Casino, how many hands per hour are you playing -- 30 to 60? Your risking $90 to $180 per hour and chances are you'll win a fair portion of those hands. The slot player can play 15 to 20 spins per minute, risking $45 to $60 per minute or $3,600 per hour. That's why slot players receive better comps than table Start Casino players.


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